Free And Living

Free And Living

10 April 2014

Weekly Snapshots

Just a few snapshots from our week. I've been so bad about posting, but thought it might be nice to document our weeks in photos. We've been sick a lot this year. The blog is definitely on the back burner. :(

05 February 2014

New Designs in My Etsy Shop

I'm excited to tell you that I recently added a few new card designs to my Etsy shop as well as two new prints. I'm in love with pastels paired with Kraft envelopes lately, and hope you enjoy my new cuties. It's my hope that my customers will use these cards to uplift and encourage those around them. I love snail mail, and it really brightens my day when I receive a handwritten note from a friend. Seriously, it MAKES MY DAY! Hope you make someone's day soon!! And, if you want to do that with my designs, I won't stop you. ;)

There's one I'm really loving for Valentine's Day that is not pictured above. Go check it out!

28 January 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

We started our weekend off right with a hike in the Gorge. Latrouell Falls is so beautiful, and it's literally a 30 minute drive from our house. When we arrived, a park ranger gave Steve a pin and a temporary tattoo for Teddy. I thought he handed him a year round camping pass the way Steve reacted!

Being in nature totally makes me put all of life into perspective. It reminds me how small I am, how grand the earth is and how magnificent the Intelligent Designer is as well.

Teddy and Steve love playing together, and it's amazing to see how much that boy loves his papa. Steve will wrap him up in a blanket and fly him around the house. He will get down on the ground, and let Teddy climb and crawl all over him. These guys are two peas in a pod.

We finished up the weekend with some basketball and park time with Teddy, some yard work while T napped and just some quality family time.

Our Sunday was restful until 10:30 that night when Teddy woke up with croup. It was really scary to hear his seal-like cough, but I was thankful for a friend who is a night owl and a nurse so I quickly reached out to her for advice. Baby boy is on the mend, but is teething and throwing toddler fits in the process. So this week already feels so long, but that's just the reality of motherhood. It's not always just shits and giggles.

How was your weekend?

11 January 2014

It's a rainy, overcast Saturday in Portland, and I'm basking in the rays of my son's wonder and magic in the little things like wooden railways, trains and trucks. Teddy makes everyday warm with light, and my heart keeps growing with love for him. More and more love for him.

03 January 2014

2014 Goals

 photo d3bfd8b4-64d8-4c9c-850d-cc4121b8506c_zps3b58ee1a.jpg

Just thought I would post my goals here as a reminder of what I want to do / be in 2014:

1. Paint
2. Read more books
3. Get out my SLR
4. Be present and intentional
5. More focus and cut out distractions
6. Eat a green a day
7. Work out weekly
8. Read the bible
9. Pray more
10. Give of my time and self

 What are your goals for 2014?

26 November 2013

Etsy Favorites: Fun Things!

Etsy Favorites, No. 2 photo etsyfavs2_zpsa1c72294.jpg

I'm loving all these items from some amazing Etsy sellers. Chevron Earrings // Geometric Air Plant // Be Brave Print

20 October 2013

Living Up to My Name

Steve suggested we take a hike after a friend and I hosted a lovely baby shower for a dear, dear friend. I was ready to get outside and breathe in some fresh air because we have had some amazing sunny Fall weather here in Oregon. We drove out to the gorge a bit passed Multnomah Falls to Wahclella Falls. It was late in the afternoon and cool under the shade of the evergreens and bright yellow and orange maples. We put Teddy in his hiking carrier and trekked to the most enchanting waterfall. The roar from the waterfall was deafening, and it created a strong breeze that gently lifted little stands of my long, brown hair. It amazed me that such power could come from water simply falling off a cliff. I stood there in awe.

These two have my heart. How could they not?!

I loved watching Teddy soak up his environment and smile from the new perspective of being high up in the air on Steve's back. He touched trees and leaves and smiled on the prospect of this new adventure. Seeing the world through his wonder is like being born again. It seems as if just when you are losing hope, God gives you children to open your eyes to the wonder and beauty of his creation again. And it's breath-taking.

My good husband reminded me that this is being free and this is living...that I was living up to my username / blog name, and I liked that.