Free And Living

Free And Living

30 September 2011

♥ a get to know me list

Two cities you want to travel to:
♥ Paris (again)
♥ Tokyo

Last thing you had to eat:
♥ 1.5 pancakes

Two alarm times you have set on your phone:
♥ 6:30 am
♥ And sleep in

Three beauty products you couldn’t live without:
♥ Mary Kay Navy Eyeliner
♥ Lancome Definicils Mascara
♥ MAC Pressed Powder

Favorite style decade(s):
♥ Hands Down 1950's

Four things you eat/drink on a daily basis:
♥ Water
♥ An egg
♥ Bread
♥ I crave French Fries on a daily basis

Top 3 regions of the country you would live in:
♥ Portland
♥ Austin
♥ And another city like the two above (I do realize these are suppose to be regions)

Type of vacation you would love to go on next:
♥ I want to go to Crater Lake - Southern Oregon

Clothing you regret wearing:
♥ Splatter Paint Shirts
♥ Wearing my dad's clothing (when I was the size of an elementary kid in Middle School)

Three best school years:
♥ 7th grade
♥ 11th grade
♥ Senior year at UT

Four things you try to avoid:
♥ Running
♥ Missing Zumba
♥ Making People Sad or Mad
♥ Stinky Odors

Now it's your turn. Comment with a link to your list. Thanks for the great idea, Becca Boo!

27 September 2011

♥ tuesday: tunes day

Steve and I saw Bon Iver on a beautiful fall evening in Oregon. My favorite moment of the entire evening was the encore. The band came back out on stage and sang Skinny Love, a cappella. It was so beautiful and serene.

25 September 2011

♥ peter pan collars...yes, please!


I love hearts, and I just bought this top. What sold me? The pretty peter pan collar! I love rounded corners in design and especially in fashion. What are your favorite fashion details?

22 September 2011

♥ henri's words

The Created Order as Sacrament

When God took on flesh in Jesus Christ, the uncreated and the created, the eternal and the temporal, the divine and the human became united. This unity meant that all that is mortal now points to the immortal, all that is finite now points to the infinite. In and through Jesus all creation has become like a splendid veil, through which the face of God is revealed to us.

This is called the sacramental quality of the created order. All that is is sacred because all that is speaks of God's redeeming love. Seas and winds, mountains and trees, sun, moon, and stars, and all the animals and people have become sacred windows offering us glimpses of God.

17 September 2011

♥ nell and mary

Nell and Mary

I'm pretty sure these are the sweetest pillows in all of America possibly the world. Nell and Mary of Portland, Oregon have such a great eye for design and color. I'm definitely saving my money for one of these, and I'm so grateful to live in a city where people are passionate about art and good at it too.