Free And Living

Free And Living

20 July 2011

♥ tuesday: tunes day

Recently, I was talking to a sweet friend from my college days, and we were talking about our present lives and what's going on these days. But, we're always reminiscent about the good ole days when we bounced around free as birds, laughed up memories, and stayed up all night dancing. We started to sing a Postal Service song lyric together, and decided to watch this youtube video with each other via the phone.

She is still in Austin, and now I'm a good amount of miles away in Portland. Although there has been distance and time between us, we always pick up where we left off and then some.

Anyway, it was good to hear her voice and Ben Gibbard's side project tunes. Postal Service reminds me of when I first met Steve and fell in love. I even walked down the aisle to an instrumental Death Cab's Transaltanticism to be united with my one and only forever. Thanks Ben Gibbard.

13 July 2011

♥ outfit


I think I will occasionally share a favorite outfit with my readership (that's you). He he. I'm not much for photos of myself, but I really like the background on this photo because it was taken at a Greyhound Bus Station in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I didn't take the bus that day...just a ferry from Washington but loved the tiled wall in my favorite shades of green and blue.

The hoodie I'm wearing is one of my favs because I bought it the first summer my hubby went commercial salmon fishing. It was June, and I bought it for my birthday in late July. What can I say? When you find something you absolutely love, you make a CASE for it. And, I did. It was my hubby's b-day gift to me but he didn't know it until the subsequent letter. Yes, we have to snail mail it because he is in the wilderness of Alaska. Sometimes, we get to talk via the modern wonder of a phone. We talk about once a week, and I keep those conversations close to my heart. But the letters are just as amazing because you can reread letters, and you always look forward to opening the mailbox in the morning!

Well, I guess this outfit had a little story to tell. Lots of love to you!

12 July 2011

♥ tuesday: tunes day

Oh Land "Sun of a Gun" from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.

One of my besties, Donna, and I jammed to Oh Land on our roadtrip to Victoria, B.C. We had a blast seeing our families and sightseeing. We visited Miniature World which was AMAZING, and biked like maniacs to the Butchart Gardens. Many fun memories were made...a picture post to follow soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy Oh Land's Sun of a Gun - the snapping makes this song.

05 July 2011

♥ a weekend in a seattle

This past weekend, I drove north on I-5 to meet my lovely parents in Seattle. It was so good to see them after their flight had to deboard before taking off because the new plane could not steer to the left. They arrived at SEA-TAC four hours after their expected arrival. Fortunately, there was a mall in Tacoma that I thoroughly enjoyed that day. Thanks Pennies (aka JCP) for the cute I ♥ Ronson dresses.

Here's what my weekend involved:

First off, it involved these two loving and beautiful people.

A nice, one-hour boat cruise and tour through the Puget Sound

Walks along the piers and dinners on said piers (and a few squawking seagulls who love fries more than me)

The to-be-feared-and-loved Top Pot Doughnuts

And a sweet return home in time for the 4th in the City of Roses

Thanks Mom and Dad for the most excellent of weekends!

♥ tuesday: tunes day

#93.1 - BON IVER - Lump Sum by lablogotheque

It's a sunny day in Portland so Bon Iver's winter songs refresh my heated apartment. Hope you enjoy!