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Free And Living

28 June 2011

♥ tuesday: tunes day

Alex Winston | Choice Notes | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

It's totally a gloomy day in Portland, and it's supposed to be summer. So in order to rectify the weather and get the gloom out of my heart, here's a lovely ditty by Alex Winston. I'm really loving her voice and the back up singers. It's like punk rock Supremes, and I'm ok with that. Enjoy this tunes day!

27 June 2011

♥ besties

Meet my one of my besties, Donna. She has the sweetest heart, and seriously, amazing style. Donu, as I affectionately call her, is like a sister to me. We giggle together, cry in moments of vulnerability and love like there's no tomorrow. She inspires me to live life with thankfulness for each little moment and to find joy in the little things. We may come across as bubbly sorority sisters but there's a current in us that runs deep. We are sisters in a larger family - a family that loves each other with loyalty and gives grace when you need it. So grateful for this sister of mine xo

25 June 2011

♥ a saturday psalm

Oh, the beauty of your name
when it's on the lips of humanity,
How sweet, the taste of your mercy.

You are the God of all gods,
my one and only.

You are the summer harvest's best of the best.

How great and powerful, your touch.
How kind and loyal, your embrace.

In your presence, I find the truest of comforts.
You quiet me with your loyal love.
Stay at home in my heart,
in my life.

Know the beauty of your name
when it's on the lips of your children.

21 June 2011

♥ tuesday: tunes day

Phoenix - 1901 - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

This is one of the first take away shows, Les Concerts a Emporter, that Steve and I ever watched. I really like Phoenix. The lead singers voice is so clear, and their beats, so right. It's not hard to watch either...filmed in a city I love. Hope you enjoy this one! What are some of your favorite bands?

Whole notes,

♥ best comic ever

16 June 2011

14 June 2011

♥ tuesday: tunes day

Back on track, y'all! Thanks for being patient with my Thursday: Tunes day last week. It just doesn't sound as great as Tuesday: Tunes Day, right? Today, I want to introduce you to a wonderful person, talented singer, songwriter from my home base, Portland, Oregon...Kelli Schaefer. Honestly, I think she is the cream of the crop here in Portland and beyond. This is one of my favorite songs that I wanted to share with you:

Here's her most recent music video featured via Paste Magazine:

Kelli Schaefer Black Dog from amigo amiga on Vimeo.

11 June 2011

♥ loving this room

Seriously, this room embodies all that I love about Europe, mid-century design, and color. ♥ It's a 26-year-old graphic designer and photographer's pad from the Czech Republic. His name is Jan Skácelík, and I accidentally stumbled upon his lovely living room while searching for an image via Google. Here's the source.

Ok, I'm dreaming of redecorating now. :)



10 June 2011

♥ U2 recap

Sitting in our seats in section 329, row S, seats 1 and 2, I told Steve, "You can tell those t-shirts that lady is selling are bootlegged because they used Bank Gothic which comes standard with any Microsoft software." He smiled and told me that was the quote of the evening.

Yes, I'm a major font nerd. It comes with the territory...being a graphic artist and all. If a movie title is in Papyrus, immediately, I lose all respect for it. Seriously, my geeking out on typefaces is that bad!

The U2 concert in Seattle was AMAZING! Where does Bono get his energy?! His nickname Bono comes from Bono Vox in Latin which means good voice. I heard that somewhere, but hearing his voice live is like no other - it's that goooood. The band totally put their whole heart and soul into their music and their performance. The graphics were off the hook, and the circular screen to help those of us in the nosebleeds came apart and expanded. It was like nothing I had ever seen! The weather in Seattle was absolutely perfect too. It was sunny with a cool breeze about 70 degrees. Steve and I were amazed at how many people were there...over 70,000...we all sang along with Bono Vox. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Toward the end of the show, I quickly snuck out to buy a t-shirt. We are saving it for our future kid. In 20 years, we'll have an amazing vintage U2 t-shirt to let them have and a super sweet memory attached to it. Upon walking back, I heard a melody that made my heart skip some beats. They just began playing my favorite song, "With or without you". I quickly ran up the stairs back to Steve and my seat and recorded it on my phone. With a quickly beating heart from excitement and from the said run up the stairs, I tried to steady my shaky hands to capture such a sweet moment in time.

Here are some of the pics of our lovely eve at U2 and our mini-vacation in Seattle, Washington:

09 June 2011

♥ new, fun cards + jewelry

Drumroll, please. Ok, no drumroll, but I'm so excited about my new cards Happy, Happy B-day and Missing You Like Crazy!!!! They make my card set complete. The rainbow-esque colors are killing me. I love looking at all them together and separately. These lovelies will make a debut at a Portland craft fair this weekend, then they'll be up in my Etsy shop!

I have so many cute earrings and necklaces to sell at Crafty Underdog. I can't wait!!! Oh the excitement!!!!

♥ thursday: tunes day

If you follow my blog, it's supposed to be Tuesday: Tunes Day. I'm running behind this week. There's lots to prepare for this weekend. I'm in charge of leading a lunch for people who happen to be homeless then it's off to a graduation party for a friend who just got pinned. She now has RN at the end of her name. It's a Candy Striper themed party! Then, I have a craft fair on Sunday. Baby girl (I refer to myself and others by this name) has a lot to do!

Here's another un concert a emporter:

Les Pascals | Hashire Maware l A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Love the 70's vibe!


08 June 2011

♥ oh happy day is right

Wanna go to Paris?

Well, click the question above to find out more. ;)

Seriously, am I dreaming?!

03 June 2011

♥ happy weekend

Well, it's been a lifelong dream to see U2 live in concert...sort of a check off the bucket list. This Saturday, the hubs and I will drive north to see Bono and the Edge work their magical talents on stage. Watch out Seattle! We had a list of things we want to do together when were dating, and this is one of the things. It feels so good and there's so much anticipation since we've waited literally 7 years to see this day happen. I'll try to post some pics apres-concert to share with everyone. Oh, Happy Weekend!

01 June 2011

♥ inspirational posts

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