Free And Living

Free And Living

29 August 2011

♥ say hello to harley

Steve and I get to live with this cuteness everyday. I know what you are can they bare to live with such adorability and preciousness? We somehow manage.

Harley came into my life before Steve was apart of the story. He literally fit in the palm of my hand as a baby. He was the middle one in the litter, but the runt outgrew him.

Currently, Harley is only 3.5 pounds, but full of life, resilience and joy.

This past weekend, Harley in a full state of crazy joy leaped out of Steve's arms to greet some visitors. As a result of his joyful leap and 3.5 foot drop from Steve's arms, he damaged his middle toe nail. He won't be giving you the bird anytime soon because the vet had to do minor surgery on him and remove his nail. Poor bear was drugged up so bad that his pink tongue hung out the side of his mouth like a cartoon character. (Parent heart break - insert it here.)

Thankfully, he seems to be back to his normal self. I secretly wished he broke something (not because I want him to be in pain obviously) but because I thought how cute would he be with his tiny, tiny cast on his mini-paw. But, I'm sure the novelty of it would have worn off soon.

Oh Harley, you kill us. Glad you are ok and back to kitty attacking business.
Love, Mom and Dad

P.S. That's his get well bunny made by Auntie Donna.


bellebottoms said...

LURVE the bun bun...and the harboo :)

Pallav said...

that's a very very cute dog :) hope he gets well soon!

Free and Living said...

Harley loves you too, Aunt Boo!

Thanks Pallav! He is back to normal!!! Yay!!!

zoosk said...

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