Free And Living

Free And Living

16 May 2010

Husband's in the Kitchen

What is nice? It's nice when you have a husband that is cooking a Jamie Oliver recipe in your kitchen, then as you are perusing blogs, he brings you a glass of chardonnay. And, you love chardonnay. I feel like Steve is my fifties housewife, and I'm thankful that he defies gender stereotype; that he is my Renaissance man. Thank you, God, that I don't have to cook. That's all I have to say because my dinner's ready :)

12 May 2010

Let me say No No No No

Yes, that's a lyric in a Destiny's Child song, and it's kinda been my mantra as of late. Actually, I've found a lot of freedom and life by exercising my "no's" in just a short time. I'm already free and living, but I'm even more so now. It's really a gift to have someone in your life that sits down and talks to you straight. Steve is that someone. He really knows how to convey the truth in a loving, protective way. When Steve and I had our little heart to heart, the truth planted itself in my heart, freedom took root and life began again.

So thank you Abba for Steve, for the truth that sets us free, and for life. Oh, and for strong black women who I look up to.

11 May 2010

Yes Woman

Lately, I've been a Yes woman
Leaving no room for no's.
Scheduling myself with all good things
and coming home with woes.

No time for Steve or Harley,
No time for love to be.
No care for myself or others,
No care for the one unseen.

Here I am, hollow.
Missing out on life.
Busying myself with good things
but in my soul, there's strife.

Caring too much for approval,
Not caring too much for him.
Loving only others,
and spreading myself too thin.

09 May 2010

Not Still Enough to Write

I have not been still enough to write, to pray, to think, to reside, to breathe, to sit in a long time. My life's washer has been stuck on spin cycle since I returned from France and Spain. There was a strong desire within me to reconnect with all my friends, so I went hog wild like a pig with its trough filled up! Seriously, I don't know if I sat to think, whether or not, I had the time or energy because I didn't care! Then, my business has been blowing up in a positive, thank-you-Lord sort of way, and I got a design contract with a client who I hold so dear, and it's the only church I want to create for because they mean that much to me. It was a wild April, and I'm still working on that boundaries, saying "no", thing. You know sometimes I can be amazing at it, and other times it's like the only word I can speak is "Yes, please!" Oh man, I am not complaining. Friends, family, work, babysitting are all good things, but in moderation, of course.

In the meantime, I read A Farewell to Arms. I think this is my book for March. I still need to read one for April and May. As you can see I'm already flailing about like a fish on the ocean's shore with my simple New Year's goal. But I'm not one to be rigid so if I read 12 this year, I'm good. If I read more, even better!

My thoughts on Hemingway's A Farewell to felt cold, metallic, and void of emotion. I could not for the life of me connect to the story. I don't know if it was the characters, plot, or what...but my experience reading East of Eden by Stienbeck was completely polar opposite - I was so engaged...I literally drank the book and ate it, then got my tattoo after finishing it. Maybe it was the heart of the book that inspired me, the broken characters, following one man's life from birth to death, so I think I should read more John Stienbeck. Any suggestions for my next book?