Free And Living

Free And Living

24 January 2009

Dedicated to One of My Three Heroes

you cry about injustice
you hate taking the blame
you know you are innocent
but the oppressor still remains

he seeks you when you're living
he finds you when you're free
he chains you with fear
and whips you to your knees

and when i break, he's cheering
and when i doubt, he's near
he's fighting in a battle
going on right now, right here

though i may not see it
though i feel despair
i know there is a victor
holding me close and near

he's protecting me with presence
he's protecting me with love
he's taking the blame though he's innocent
and he's fighting in the push and shove

he's defending my honor
he's calling my name
he's loving me with all he has
and he's taking my blame

i don't deserve you, jesus
you gave me all you have
while i live for myself
you live and die for dad

you bring abba glory
you bring abba love
you bring in his presence
when i feel unloved

you are my one and only
i'm free in you
you are my one and only
i live in you

19 January 2009