Free And Living

Free And Living

22 September 2008

This is Why We Give Homemade Gifts at Christmas

Taken from the Imago Dei Community's website
Advent Conspiracy 2008

Stan Patyrak of Living Water International recently spent time in Africa visiting different well sites funded by Advent Conspiracy. The new well is bringing new life to the people of the village. This year in Sierra Leone, LWI will be building 50 more wells like this one. The people there know about Advent Conspiracy and they understand who made the water possible for them. The work of Christ in these people is truly beautiful. In the next week, there are 20 wells going up in Sudan, then Liberia, and then more in Sierra Leone. What Christ is doing in these villages is real. These are real kids, real women, real men, real lives in Sierra Leone, Sudan, Liberia, Peru, and India.

The following is a story from Stan's time in Sierra Leone:

My first day in-country I was at the tail end of a well rehab done through Advent Conspiracy in Sierra Leone at a school. When the team arrived the second day to complete the work, all 500 kids were in the field outside the school, waiting-chanting, yelling, celebrating. They started chanting "Jesus has given us a BIG miracle! Praise be to Jesus!" Over and over again.
Then I looked up.

Only to realize that I was at an Islamic school.

We hope that this story, and others to come, encourages you and reminds you that Jesus is working in and through each of our lives. Your support of Advent Conspiracy has brought life to the villages of Africa. Praise be to Jesus!

14 September 2008

01 September 2008

Our Portland Anniversary

Today is our one year anniversary in Portland! I can't believe it's already been a whole year. Until we arrived in Portland, our days traveling, seeing Hamilton Park and the Grand Canyon just felt like a road trip. It always felt as if we were going to turn around and go back to Texas. The finality of moving hit when we were driving over the Hawthorne bridge, and I began to freak out. One, the bridge's surface was metal grates which made your car feel like an out-of-control shopping cart at Ikea. Two, we were moving to a city we never visited and only heard about. It was kinda crazy if you ask me, but has been one of the best decisions Steve and I have made in faith.

We love it here. The lifestyle. The nature. The community. It's been a healthy and positive change for us, and I'm so grateful we live here now. Happy Anniversary Portland!