Free And Living

Free And Living

23 June 2008

What I can't seem to wrap my mind around is this...

Why do we, as Christians, expect a nation full of non-Christians to ascribe to Christian morality and thought? What ever happen to that concept of free will? And what cases would our values absolutely need to be imposed or in better words, be the law?

06 June 2008

55 degrees

Currently, the temperature is 55 degrees in the 97214 section of Portland where I reside, and I've gotta to tell you I'm having a really hard time believing it's June. Could you please send me your winter coat?

Also, now that Paper Zone is no longer a go. I think my new part-time job will be Ebay. I have four items on sale right now, but no bids. There are several people watching so I'm sure I'll make something.

K, gotta run! Miss you all!!!

03 June 2008


branches of almond tree in bloom, van gogh, 1890

"my work has gone well--the last painting was of branches in bloom. you will see that i painted this picture most patiently and skillfully, in utter peace and quiet, with the greatest certainty of brush strokes." -vincent van gogh

* a french journalist called claude monet an impressionist as a stab, but eventually the artists who painted with this type of style took the name proudly. monet was the forerunner of the impressionist movement. one of his pieces from his water lily series hangs in the worcester art museum (worcester, ma) where my sis was born. there is also one of his water lily pieces at the portland art museum too.

* in contrast to van gogh, rembrandt had a lot of support from his father. he found much success in his life time, but his lifestyle was a bit over the top and he was forced to move from his luscious pad in amsterdam to a more working class town but still didn't have a bad set-up. he painted over 600 paintings in his lifetime. much of the focus of his art was biblical scenes and portraits.

* van gogh had a really close relationship with his brother, theo, who supported him financially. he's famous for chopping off his ear and putting it in an envelope then giving it to his lover. however, he only cut off a small piece above his lobe and gave it to the prostitute, rachel. "when he visited his father's house for a meal, he sat away from the family table: ' i consciously choose the dog's path through life; i will remain the dog, i shall be poor, i shall be a painter, i want to remain human -- going into nature"" another quote about his relationship with his parents, "they have the same dread of taking me in the house as they would about taking a big rough dog. he would run into the room with wet paws--and he is so rough. he will be in everybody's way. and he barks so loud. in short, he is a foul beast...and i, admitting that i am a kind of dog, leave them alone."

isn't van gogh's life tragic? he never achieved success during his life: failed at jobs, relationships with family, friendships, etc. he was restless soul, but one of my favorite paintings, branches of almond tree in bloom, he said he painted in complete peace. the irony of his life is that he was under-appreciated during his time, but today we have a very large art museum in amsterdam dedicated to him.

01 June 2008

Last Day at Dunder Mifflin

Well, it's my last day at Paper Zone. I'm really excited not to have 8 hour retail days, but will miss all the friends I've made. The positive side is that I've made some good friends that I will hang out with regardless of my resignation. It's all good. So, here's to I LIVE TO CREATE and maybe some volunteer work!