Free And Living

Free And Living

10 February 2008

Ma'am Back Away from the Art

Steve and I are proud members of the Portland Art Museum. We like to call it PAM because it reminds us of one of our favorite people. Anyway, there is an exhibit called the Dancer going on this month, and the three main artist are Degas, Forain, and Toulouse-Lautrec (all French artists). Recently, I read a book on Toulouse and was really excited to see his work in person. So, I got really into to the art. Like lost in it. And maybe I got a little to close to the canvases, consequently the security guard gave me a little reprimand. "You need to be at least six inches away from the canvas, and if you decided to point, please don't use foreign objects." The foreign object I held was a brochure. Anyway, I kinda felt embarrassed and like a little kid who needed some instruction before entering the art gallery. Ma'am back six inches away from the artwork OR do I need to help you back away? I don't think I was six inches close, but like I said, I was lost in the masterpieces so I could have touched the artwork lovingly, maybe drooled on it a bit, then snuggled it.

Also, the last two movies I have seen have been INCREDIBLE. Here are the titles, so check them out if you have a chance. One is called LARS AND THE REAL GIRL. Amazing. The other one is equally as amazing by a director from Taiwan, and it's a French film called Le Voyage de Ballon Rogue (which gives homage to Le Ballon Rogue a 1950's film that I saw on PBS as a young girl about a little boy who follows his red balloon around Paris). Totally captures real life, the relational dysfunction, the quietness of life, and the characters who come in like storms and who remain distant and untouchable.

So, lately everything I've seen or read has been FRENCH. Peut-ĂȘtre c'est un signe.

A bientot!