Free And Living

Free And Living

17 November 2007

It Feels Like Thanksgiving Today

It feels like Thanksgiving today because Mom and Dad Davis are going to land on a runway in Portland, Oregon. We're going to be at the airport to pick up our special delivery for which we are extremely thankful for! Then on Tuesday, Pam and John arrive, and we'll give even more thanks! Could this week get any better? Well, I guess Becca could fly in from Italy. That would be the icing on the cake. We will all miss her, greatly!

Much love to Booter on Thanksgiving! And cheers to family being here to celebrate!

Grateful, thankful, appreciative,

11 November 2007

I was a Fifties House Wife for Halloween, and Here is the Prim and Proper Evidence

My mom said that when she was a little girl, she had book on etiquette that said, “When your husband comes home from work, you shouldn’t bother him with the ins and outs of your day…errands, taking care of the children, mishaps, etc. Instead, greet him kindly at the door with a newspaper, his favorite drink and his slippers.”

And this is the spark that ignited the feminism movement. Amen.

08 November 2007

It Feels Like Christmas Today

Why? You may ask. It feels like Christmas today because I'm going to the airport to pick up a very special package. Her name is Marjie! I call her mommy and best friend!! I cannot wait to pick her up. I even woke up earlier this morning because of excitement. It really is like Christmas!!!!!!

Oh, and I finally got a part-time job! I start Monday at the Paper Zone, which sells paper obviously (professional, scrapbooking, photo albums). I'm in the paper business! Watch out Michael Scott!!! He he.

It's gonna be a good weekend!

05 November 2007

I'm Violating the Constitution?

"You're violating the constitution, brain-washing Nazis!" He yells with passion and anger fully loaded in his voice as he speeds by on his bike. His aim in our general direction with torpedo-like words bombing our sidewalk path, "Was that guy talking to us," I ask Steve with a bit of disbelief in my tone of voice. "Yeah, I think so," Steve replies as we continue to walk alongside the high school where our church community meets.

Later, I replay the scene in my head and like so many times I wish I had the words to say in the moment. I would have said, "You're practicing your right to free speech, and I'm practicing my right to religion. Give me a break...we don't believe in ethnic cleansing, or spewing hatred on people either."

But the ride-by shooter didn't give us time to reply or to duck and cover. We're definitely not in the Bible Belt anymore, Dorothy.