Free And Living

Free And Living

27 October 2007

I've Met Grace

Once you come face-to-face with Grace, your life doesn't remain the same. If you understand what she stands for, she becomes the motivation behind every small and every large decision that you make. With her, you stand beside your friend. Without her, you judge your friend. With her, you love your enemy. Without her, you despise your enemy. With her, you dance freely - it's the pace of your life. Without her, you remain trapped in your own self-consciousness.

Grace is irreplaceable. She's irresistible when you know the beating of her heart. And with rhythmic pattern, your heart beats along with hers. People say that it's easy to keep on going your same old way after you meet her. It's impossible to remain the same once you've seen the love in her gaze. She has wise eyes that look past the facade of your false self to the depths of your exposed soul. She is the impetus behind free life. She makes you feel alive because she gives you far more than you do not deserve, and because of her unreserved generosity, you want to serve the One who introduced you to want to serve Christ alone.

I've met Grace, and she's beautiful.

19 October 2007

Offending Jehovah's Witnesses

My finger is on the touch-tone keypad of my cellular device as a small series of knocks echos from the front door. I'm about to call in for a board meeting with Cleaning for a Reason, and I'm slightly annoyed someone is knocking at my door. I shouldn't be annoyed. I should be rejoicing! Someone is visiting me, and in Portland, where I have not lived long. Oh the joys and excitement of anticipation to see who the lucky visitor is...and, for the third or fourth time in the 40 some days Steve and I have lived was...drum roll please...Jehovah's Witnesses who appeared in the form of two well-mannered women.

In assertiveness, I held up my cellular device as if it will make the women hiss like vampires would at a cross and run away, and I say, "Now is not a good time...I'm busy!" as I point to my saving device. Then, I quickly and firmly shut the door behind me. I've had a visit from these ladies before and kindly told them that I love God and others and believe in Jesus. Quite frankly, Jesus is not enough for them. I still get their extremely outdated literature, which immediately makes its home in my trashcan. But, quite frankly (again), I'm annoyed with their persistence in communicating the way that they do and annoyed with the fact that my answer is not enough for them. So the next time they come around, these well-mannered women might be getting an ear full of truth but in love, of course.

Can you tell I've been reading a ton of Anne LaMott? In fact, I really feel like Pam from the Office on the bonfire night where she told Jim she really liked him and missed his friendship right in front of Karen (his girlfriend). So watch out world...I'm ready to walk across the coals and tell the truth b/c I'm tired of people pleasing, and I'm ready to stand my ground.

Oh, how I miss the little peephole in which you can gaze out and screen your visitor anonymously! If you don't remember, mine is like a small trap door in which your presence is exposed rather quickly and vulnerably...

18 October 2007

Today I learned...

That I'm not a good interviewer
because I become nervous
and stumble over my words,
but I am a good samaritan.
So, I guess that's all that counts, right?

16 October 2007

Which Sesame Street Personality Are You?

You Are Ernie

Playful and childlike, you are everyone's favorite friend - even if your goofy antics get annoying at times.

You are usually feeling: Amused - you are very easily entertained

You are famous for: Always making people smile. From your silly songs to your wild pranks, you keep things fun.

How you life your life: With ease. Life is only difficult when your friends won't play with you!

Would You Rather...?

Get ready for some CRAZY would you rather's...
Compliments of Steve and Michelle
For a friend in youth ministry

We would love to hear your answers (you don't have to answer every single question, just your favorites) and WHY you think you chose the lesser of two evils...

1. Would you rather have broccoli farts all the time OR garlic breath all the time?
2. Would you rather brush your teeth 10 times a day or use the restroom 10 times a day?
3. Would you rather be an opinionated rock star or a shy movie star?
4. Would you rather walk backwards everywhere or ride a child's tricycle everywhere?
5. Would you rather get caught by your friends...picking your nose or picking a huge wedgie?
6. Would you rather eat Cheerios in water for breakfast every morning or eat a TV dinner that's still frozen for dinner every night?
7. Would you rather wear 80's leg warmers to school OR a t-shirt that says "I Heart My Mommy"?
8. Would you rather see a dance off between Napolean Dynamite and Michael Jackson OR Will Ferrell and Justin Timberlake?
9. Would you rather kiss a bobcat with the risk of attack or kiss a rabid squirrel?
10. Would you rather be really smart but perceived as stupid OR be really stupid but perceived as intelligent?
11. Would you rather be a three-legged dog or a one-eyed cat?
12. Would you rather live in an igloo mansion or the caboose of a rundown train?

14 October 2007

All about Harley

It's a lazy Sunday, and I miss my family in Texas. Currently, Meaghan is sick. Jay is studying. Steve's at work. And, Mish, well, she's at home with Harley. Harley and I have been really bonding lately...we do everything together, mope around the house til Daddy gets home, we read the Bible together, eat together (different food thankfully), go outside together, do laundry together, visit sick Megs and healthy Jay together. We've been pal-ing around Portland. It's nice.

Recently, I read up on the Yorkshire Terrier breed, and Harley is really smart. "Yorkshire Terriers as a breed are intelligent dogs. According to Dr. Stanley Coren, an expert on animal intelligence, the Yorkshire Terrier is an above average working dog, ranking 27th out of the 132 breeds tested."

I read this article and found out Harley and I have more similarities than differences, and there's a lot I can learn from this little guy:

The old saying that, "big surprises lay in small packages", certainly does apply to the Yorkshire Terrier. This toy breed of dog, commonly known as a "Yorkie", is definitely not the usual lap dog one associates with this group. The Yorkie is the hardiest and most disease resistant of all the toy breeds. It possesses a sturdy, shortish body with a straight back, and exhibits the same characteristics that it's ancestors had, even though it is reduced from the original size. Originally, this breed weighed on average between 12 and 14 pounds. Now the Yorkie that is shown in conformation, weighs between 3 and 7 pounds.

The Yorkie is highly intelligent, and therefore, independent. Sometimes it seems stubborn and not particularly interested in pleasing its owner. Remember that due to this intelligence, the fact that it is a terrier and it was a working man's dog originally, it thinks on its own. These dogs were used in the coalmines to get rid of the rats, so they do have not only the aura, but in fact are, self confident and possess a good deal of self importance.

If you have a multiple-dog home, and you bring a Yorkie into it, the Yorkie will take over as boss. This bossy-ness is a terrier trait. The Yorkie is feisty, courageous and high energy. They do not rest for long, usually tearing around the house or yard, being small it doesn't need large spaces, it gets its exercise just from being at home.

This bossy-ness has also been responsible for Yorkie's getting hurt or killed. The Yorkie tends towards aggression when around, near or in the general area, of another dog it doesn't know. It doesn't matter to the Yorkie the size of the dog it is taking on. It could be a Doberman, St. Bernard, Great Dane whatever. If the Yorkie is taken from the home, it must be on a leash, and kept under control and a watchful eye at all times. The yard it plays in must be fenced and protected from stray animals getting inside.

The Yorkie is very alert, his dark eyes fairly sparkle with the intelligence this breed possesses. It is a very loyal and depending how it is trained and the environment it lives in, will have a very sweet disposition.

ewok harley

I'm grateful for this little friend of mine. :)

12 October 2007

What happens when your husband leaves a pair of your underwear in the dryer...

..they end up booking a 7-night stay on top of the community dryer. Then, while your husband's at work one night, you discover the MIA underwear in the laundry room when you are throwing a new load in the washer, and you sneak them away from their exotic vacation into your hamper without anyone from the other 18 units on the property noticing. Then, put the underwear back into your drawer with all the others, so the undies can share its adventure with all the other underwear. :)

On a much deeper thought:
God does not speak to me in the whirlwind pace of life, but to my heart when it finally rests.

03 October 2007

based on 1 timothy 1.1-14

he is the promise of life.
like water for the thirsty
he quenches the soul’s need
for grace, peace and mercy.

he is the promise of life.
he saved us from emptiness
we are not ashamed of him
for he called us to holiness.

he is the promise of life.
not for man’s purpose or man’s sight
he saved humanity by grace since the birth of time
brought to life, immortality to light

jesus is our promise of life.