Free And Living

Free And Living

26 September 2007

Counting My Blessings in Portland

(in no particular order)

Blessing #1 - Steve found a job he really loves with Peet’s Coffee & Tea, which coincidentally started in Alkmaar, Holland (that we visited in July of 2006).
Blessing #2 - Not having a TV to consume my life
Blessing #3 - Life without a microwave
Blessing #4 - When your electric bill is under $30 because you don't have central air and heating and the inside air remains at a comfortable temperature (70's).
Blessing #5 - Walking to the grocery store, to the bank, to restaurants, to theaters, and more
Blessing #6 - Riding bikes to church and eating at a cafe with a wonderful bro-in-law and sister
Blessing #7 - Steve and I's new found love for Bocce Ball
Blessing #8 - Mt. Tabor Park and Laurelhurst Park
Blessing #9 - Not-as-itchy Harley
Blessing #10 - Parents who love us and support us even when we move far away
Blessing #11 - Babies (who are not mine) to keep my mom happy
Blessing #12 - Imago Dei and a community of believers to be involved in
Blessing #13 - Continued graphic design work from clients in Texas (though this may change)
Blessing #14 - Neighbors who we have a huge heart for
Blessing #15 - Pam and John, Megs and Jay, and Becca, for their beautiful lives and the ability to see the way God loves them
Blessing #16 - Kelsey's painting from the heart
Blessing #17 – For facebook comments and blog comments from friends
Blessing #18 – For my phone call with Keila
Blessing #19 - My beautiful friend, Sam who is in the midst of grief and for her daily drawings
Blessing #20 - Angelic's sweet voice and her new teaching job
Blessing #21 - Abba's loyalty to me even when I am not loyal or ashamed of him
Blessing #22 - That hope is not in a job or the next best thing, but that hope is in the a Dad who deeply cares for humanity, for you, for me

18 September 2007

Listening to Pedro the Lion

It’s 7:31 pm and 64 degrees outside.
“Is it your way or the highway?”
Repeats as it slowly seeps out of the green fifties-esque speakers.
I just dyed Steve’s hair jet black again.
He’s drying his hair now.
I can’t help feeling melancholy today.
It could be the weather.
The short phone call.
The faithless comments.
Or the rampant worries crashing against my peace like waves against a rock wall.
But I will overcome.

09 September 2007

Loving Portland: Missing Our Family And Friends in Dallas, Texas

We've been in Portland for over a week now! The time has passed quickly, and we are now realizing we are not on vacation anymore. This is where we actually live and where we need to find jobs. :) Our place is great. The location is great, too. We can walk to the grocery store, numerous coffee shops, little gift stores, vintage stores, eatries, hollywood video, ben and jerry's icecream. People ride bikes everywhere like they do in Holland and walk everywhere. Our neighbors are so generous and warm (they will never replace Mom and Dad Davis though).

We are still waiting to receive our Internet hook-up from Comcast, in the meantime, my neighbor, Cary, has given me her wireless access code. One morning, our other neighbor, Shannon (who is married to John) brought over a fresh berry smoothie for Steve and I to share. Richard, our apartment manager, has shown me his amazing, Art Deco style illustrations and is always up for a good conversation. As far as church goes, we definitely miss our peeps at Crossroads at the same time we are really excited about being a part of Imago Dei which meets in Franklin High School. Saturday, we were involved in a service project with our church called "Love Portland" and cleaned up a middle school in a lower income neighborhood. We worked from 9 to 5, and my muscles are still yelling at me for all the vigorous raking I did.

Besides facing some fraudulent charges on my debit card, everything is fine and dandy, neighbor (said like Ned Flanders).

Here are some pics of our apartment (below). I would like you to note an amazing piece artwork by Kelsey McKinney. It's on my desk to inspire my creativity while I design. You rock, Kels!!!

This side is the Ikea side of our pad.

Our free dresser that Richard gave us (it was abandoned in the basement).

Peep hole window...made me laugh!

The other side of our living room, a mid-century couch (fake vintage) and a mid-century era chair (real vintage)

Harley on the chair.