Free And Living

Free And Living

29 August 2007

Mish & Steve - Day 2

When I first laid my eyes upon the beauty of the Grand Canyon, chills ran up and down my arms. No lie.

It left me awe-struck by the power it represented in depth and expanse and by the beauty it enveloped in color, texture and amazing compostion. It was the most magnificent design project I've ever laid my eyes on, and it left me in total awe of the Designer. What is humanity that you are mindful of them?

These pictures partially represent the beauty, but the experience of standing on the edge of a rock over looking this magnificent formation is like no other.

It's creativity at its finest.

i think this puts "a picture is worth a thousand words" in context.

our sweet family and the canyon.

the lonley tree and the canyon.

Mish & Steve - Day 1

me at one of my largest design projects ever, hamilton park

hamilton park

steve drew the scaled drawings for this bench

one of the 14 panels i designed

a beautiful sky

steve driving hours on end

this is what cute looks like..

a rainbow in new mexico

26 August 2007

Last Sunday

Today's our last Sunday in Flower Mound. Steve's last Sunday at Crossroads. Last time with our teenaged friends. Last time to say goodbye. It's going to be filled with tears...I think.

25 August 2007

Pastors Go Faster

I know two pastors in the DFW metroplex that drive sports cars. One drives a Porsche; the other drives a Z. Am I missing something? Like maybe, should I quit my day job of graphic design and become a pastor? Because appearantly pastors go faster...

23 August 2007

West Coast, Here We Come

We are moving West in less than 5 days. With the move comes excitement, anxiety, and a long list of things to do before the 28th. We can't wait to see the Grand Canyon, move into our new place, visit Jay and Megs, go to Imago Dei, meet our neighbors, and hike the base of Mt. Hood.

On the other hand, Steve and I can wait to leave our family (Davis and Parenteau sides). We can wait to leave our friends. We can wait to leave the students at CBC. We can wait on these things...

I'm going to miss everyone so much, so please visit us in Portland!


02 August 2007

550 Square Feet of Character and Love

Well, it's official. Steve and I have an awesome place in Portland. We found favor with our new friend, Richard and will be living on SE 36th. It's a few blocks away from Baghdad Theater where you can see movies for $3 and the infamous Hawthorne street with lots of coffee shops for Stevie to manage. We are so excited yet it is bittersweet. We are going to miss our family terribly and our high school students, but we know God is guiding us here to love him and others. But isn't that where he is always guiding us to greater heart knowledge of Love, himself? So, it's not so much geography as it is a state of the heart. But, he is definitely guiding us to Portland for many reasons we don't even know yet!

Check out our new digs (below)...