Free And Living

Free And Living

16 February 2007

My heart rate was higher than it had been in awhile. Mean air guitar, head banging, dancing on my coffee table, kicking my legs in the air, jumping, rolling, flipping, sliding, shaking, this was my form of letting it all out. Harley barked obsessively, and Steve observed his wife in rare form. I had just watched the Invisible Children World Tour 2007 video. Inspired, I walked over to my black iPod and turned on the JBL's. Scrolled to the 'M' section of my playlists and put on Muse. Before anyone could say something, I was Jack Rabbit on crack at Ozzfest or something of the sorts. A bucking bronc. A violent dancer. It was invigorating, freeing, and I felt so alive.

Even at 26, there are repercussions for letting it all out in such a way. This morning, I wake up to a neck so stiff it could be used as building materials for the new JC Penny down the road. I thought I had slept funny, but my dear husband reminded me of my 20-minute dance session and head banging the day prior. Yesterday I felt so alive. Today I'm rethinking about whether or not I will ROCK OUT again for my neck is rock solid.

08 February 2007

05 February 2007

Let there be Filet Mignon!

I've been eating like a princess lately after our trip to Central Market. We had a $15 off coupon on any steak of our choice. Steve and I picked filet mignon because we would not buy it without a coupon. Sunday night, he marinated the filets in a special mixture he concocts and cooked them today in a bit of olive oil. I swear he makes me want to be a better carnivore. Seriously, my husband knows how to marinate and cook the best steaks ever. It tasted better than chocolate. You think I'm lying, but I'm not. He adds brown sugar to his special mixture. It's amazing!

Saturday night, we had my best friend from high school over and her husband, and we made Chicken Cordon Blue in a white wine cream sauce. Let's just say we are rocking the cooking skills.

Thank you, Lord, for meals like these and all our meals in general.