Free And Living

Free And Living

29 August 2007

Mish & Steve - Day 1

me at one of my largest design projects ever, hamilton park

hamilton park

steve drew the scaled drawings for this bench

one of the 14 panels i designed

a beautiful sky

steve driving hours on end

this is what cute looks like..

a rainbow in new mexico


Flower Mound Mom said...

Thanks for the update! I thought cute looked like the first picture. And the guy behind the wheel. Love you both. Miss you lots and lots.

Gish said...

Hating that you're gone....Hoping you are so very happy!...missing you alot!

megs said...

i am so proud of you for all your great work.
kind of makes me want to cry.
loving portland...and can't wait for you two to get here!

Kelsey-bo-belsey said...

missing you so much mishy!!! coffee shop was not quite the same without you. :(
but i'm glad you two are happy and hope to be seeing you again before may