Free And Living

Free And Living

31 August 2006

We weren't expecting children

We weren't expecting children this month, but then we found out we have a huge, childish desire to ride bikes. When Steve and I returned from Holland, the harsh ride and unpleasant reality of our beatup mountain bikes broke our biking spirit. We had cruised around Alkmaar by canals, over bridges, to the beach with some effort, but not as much as it would be on our bikes here in the lone star. Consequentially, we decided to be children again except now we are children with some money in our, we bought two Electra cruisers! We are pumped and can't wait to bring them to Holland - you know if that's what our Maker wants :)

Will post pics soon!

On another note and more important one, Praise the Maker and Lover of our souls!!!! He has been answering my prayers like crazy (in regard to pretty much everything) and I wait with expectant hope for more answers to more of my prayers for his kingdom and radiance!!!

29 August 2006

poetry of the living dying

the flowers dance wildly in the wind
the children run wildly in the rain

i am a seed singing "i've got the joy, joy, joy down in my heart"
sprouting growing, my budding life starts

wind and rain wildly i am tangled
weeds choke my view and the little song i once sang
are now hollow and distant small jingles

no other one who can raise me up
in hope in faith in life in love
except for you

you are trustworthy
but her husband died and a friend took her money
how will she find someone worthy?

why, god, have you forsaken me?
this is the last breath i breathe

giving up on dying, enjoying your sweet presence for eternity
laughing, crying, water droplets on my face
in the middle of the parking lot i finally see

your faithfulness reaches beyond the overcast sky

your love for humanity, i don't know why
roots i am, no body to view

embrace me for i'm under your wing
your rain, o lord, it pours, pours, pours

23 August 2006

high levels of hormones

usually i am not really bothered by the list below.
though somehow on this hot day in august with a high level of hormones running through my body
i am annoyed by...

the sound of the lawnmower running
the temper tantrum two-year-old
the mom in the target line happy about gift wrap
harley barking
the man who would NOT exchange my small amount of euros to u.s. currency's cluttered graphics and crazy connections
email, computer, frustration
not feeling like i got anything done
the bills & lack of money
the lack of good mail to read
the effects of global warming on our weather
gas prices
being charged for something at kroger and not receiving it (how do you prove you didn't receive something you paid for?)
having hormones...i mean...why?
ok, i'm done. no more complaining! i'm going to choose my attitude from here on out. doesn't it feel like you don't have a choice sometimes? it's like my body won't let me be joyful. it's my mind. i know, i know.

the good news is tomorrow's post looks brightful.

08 August 2006

there's a bird on the apostrophe

there's a bird on the apostrophe
a man dying across the sea

laughter in the company of arms
embraces which mean no harm

life is porcelain
delicate, pale and thin

break yourself before the wheel
wrecks you avoid without a deal

god we need you everyday
"it is what it is" my mom will say

life, death, joy, sorrow
intermingled, there's hope tomorrow

no more tears up in the sky
heavenly clouds lift us high

dutch, german, american, chinese
singing, singing j-joyfully

a multinational god with hesed love
giving all he's got for those white doves

living, breathing, breaking hearts
failure, failure, deliver fresh starts

02 August 2006

I think I want to be a missionary,
Seeing the sky on the other side
and loving people with a hope that carries

Transatlanticism is the song
of my soul with you in it
It's home where I belong

I will follow
I will listen
I will move
To your Spirit's glisten

You radiant joy from the depths of me
and I want to be there
across the Atlantic sea