Free And Living

Free And Living

23 April 2006

When the body works

When the body works...

He keeps us in step with each other. His very breath and blood flow through us, nourishing us so that we will grow up healthy in God, robust in love.

Today I was blessed to see the body of Christ work. All four services I stood at a booth bringing awareness to Invisible Children and the Global Night Commute by selling t-shirts and passing out fliers. The first to buy a shirt was a grandma named Rubylynne without even hearing Brent's sermon and when the church doors opened after each service -- Jehovah Jireh blessed me through his people and all shirts were sold! I am blessed by the robust love in the people of Crossroads.

And, I'm dog tired. But the joy overwhelms my heart as it beats for Him alone, Him alone. Here I am. I've worshipped and with every breath I will continue to do so...You are the only God who never fails. The only God who's taken me and wrapped me in his very own garment and made me new.

Need encouragement? Go here and let these words transform you

16 April 2006

Harley and My Mom

So you thought the pictures of Harley were cute,
well, just to inform you
Harley is not cute when he is excited and you accidentally
squeeze his bladder because he pees on you.
And that's exactly what happened to my mom as
she kissed his little belly on Easter Sunday.
Thankfully, no pee made it into her mouth.

03 April 2006

The Week's End

Monday is a good day to reflect on one's weekend. Things that make a good weekend...

Time with Family
Sunny weather
Car washing * Restoration

Surprise. A cd by the talented and beautiful Angelic arrived at my apt via the US Postal Service. Angelic's response to the reception of her cd, "Oh, the US Postal Service didn't fail me!" When I popped her cd in the Mazda, I could not stop smiling upon hearing my precious friend voice sing!

Time with Family. Mom D misses Dad D, so Stevie D and Mishy D and Jay-D (an honorary D) all came over to watch King Kong. Best part was hearing Jay "oooo and ooooooh and oooooooo and oh-nooooo!" from the bathroom, I had to use the facilities a lot that night and especially at the infamous cockroach scene. So ignorance is bliss - it's true in this case!

Adventure. The next morning, I pull weeds. Mom D and I bust out the gloves and buckets. As I go to pull my first weed, there's a quick movement and my glance catches the middle end of a gray snake about 1-2 inches in diameter. I'm freaked out but continue in bravery and pull weeds. Side note: Mom D is the hardest working gardener I've ever seen!

Sunny Weather. It was summer time hot and I LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!!

Car Washing. The Red Honda seems to collect dust, leaves, hair, crumbs, anything that makes you want to gag. The interior and exterior was fully cleaned and detailed -- thanks to a driveway, a hose, a husband, some sponges, soap, and a shock vac, and tools. I was able to fix my cup holder lid that never stays shut and my jacked-up glove box. I feel like this car is BRAND NEW. It's an amazing feeling being able to actually fix something that has been driving you crazy for months and years.

This is the Week's End.