Free And Living

Free And Living

25 February 2006

The Rudds Came Over

The Rudds came over for dinner last night they have less than a week and will be traveling to great city of San Francisco or as Judah prounounces it, "San Cisco". It was a great night. I loved watching Steve play with Judah - he knows how to make her laugh and it definitely made the baby clock go, "Michelle, are you ready yet?" And, after thinking about the responsibility and hard work of a child, I think "NO, NO, NO, not yet". I love conversing with the Rudd's - I love their faith and realistic expectations about moving to a new city.

So the Rudds have this phrase they made up, "That's so magenta" -- how would you put this in a dialouge? Put your best efforts on the comment section and we'll vote for the BEST ONE.


Harley: Bark, Bark

Michelle: Harley, why did you poo on the carpet again?

Harley: Bark, Bark

Michelle: That's just so magenta of you

The End

24 February 2006

Bouncy Ball Art

WATCH THIS COMMERCIAL. And tell me what you think? I heard about it at a luncheon with Brian Gibb of Art Prostitute -- both rad concepts.

22 February 2006

I Really See Him in My Friend, Molly

"If we glorify God by being fully alive, then worship becomes the natural consequence of everything we do in every aspect of life -- not just the "spiritual bits." While we continue to glorify God in coventional ways, such as the singing of songs on a Sunday, we also live out His love with diligent gratitude in our workplace, in the conversations we create, the interests we pursue, the meals we eat, and the way we engage with the poor. The whole of life becomes an opportunity to rejoice, pray, and give thanks." (The Vision & The Vow, 38)

My Friend, Molly has been going through a tough time lately so when I read her blog and read the words in her prayer they seem so alive to me, she writes, "i woke up this morning and my prayer was, "God, help me to be where i am... today. help me to embrace and love the people around me today." i have so many dreams and ideas and i love thinking of possibilities and the future... that's it's sometimes hard for me to focus on the now. and then God in His faithfulness completely soaks me in the now and the pure beauty of living and well, living among friends."

I really see Christ in my friend named Molly. I like to call her Mols.

Down And Out

Down & Out, what does this phrase really mean? Your spirits are down and you're just...out, out of it, out of the room, out of this world. Anyway, whatever it's not happy and that's how I'm feeling...

20 February 2006


"Glorify the LORD with me;
let us exalt his name together.

I sought the LORD, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.

Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame."

Psalm 34:3-5

I want to be radiant. I am.

19 February 2006

Creepy Illinoise

You know how I posted about Sufjan and thought it was a sign when I got a call from Illinois. Well, now I'm just creeped out because it has happened 3 times now. A 708 number calls, I answer by saying "Hello", then the man says, "I'm sorry. I must have the wrong number". This third time I asked are you sure you have the wrong number? He hung up immediately. I tried calling back and the number is NOT IN SERVICE. How do you explain this one? I'm freaked out!

16 February 2006

The Gospel & Hair Cuts

Today, Steve and I had a hair cut date. Yes, that's right. We went to mall and both received a hair cut at the wonderful, ultra hip Toni & Guy salon. We went in looking scruffy and came out looking like we were a band. Watch out Mates of State!

While I was getting my uber-hip style and cut, Callie (my top designer stylist) told me about her life. It was nice. I love people's stories and to hear their heart. I am pretty good at getting deep sometimes, and yet other times I feel like I have layers of small talk or fear that I can't seem to break through. I shared a part of my life with Callie and hope I encouraged her. She is a beautiful woman looking for someone to truly value her...and I feel crappy that I didn't whisper Christ or maybe I did...I don't know.

I feel like I've been living in the Gaylord (an environment/hotel in a dome) all my life that when in the open space of time, nature and humanity I turn into something frozen, detached, and become overwhelmed with what I never immersed myself in. Sometimes, I just feel really awkward in a world that needs Christ and I have Him. How do I share him with boldness and with love? This is why the mission trip to Holland scares me because how can I be Christ to others when I don't know how to verbally share him without some outline with the acronym F.A.I.T.H that I learned through Hyde Park Baptist. Formulas are awkward and so is sharing the gospel at a hair salon.

How do you share Christ? OR do you feel like you’ve been in a Christian Gaylord too?

14 February 2006

C'est L'Amour

My husband's the best and if you want to argue, well, wait until you read why...Right now, he is in the kitchen making a pizza from scratch, his Grandpa Blanda's recipe. I mentioned I wanted a book of poetry; He bought me "Tulips & Chimneys" by E.E. Cummings for Valentine's along with a rose and box of tiny, sugary little hearts. But more than the things that he does; it is who he is to me that makes him the absolute BEST. He is understanding and patient and tender. I praise El Elyon for him and everyday I will celebrate Steve because he is His gift to and for me! I must be special.

13 February 2006


Sufjan needs to come to Texas
In fact, my cell phone just got a wrong number from Illinois
Maybe it was Sufjan
Maybe it is a sign
I emailed Asmatic Kitty to tell them to bring him to this Lone Star state
I told them I would help Mr. Stevens write his Tejas album
I think they took me seriously.

11 February 2006


I have a website, I have a website, I have a weeeeeeeeeebsite
for my business, for my business, for my busssssssiiiiiiiness
Hope you like it, hope you like it, hope you liiiiiiiiiiiike it

  • 08 February 2006

    I only speak in prose...

    Sometimes I want to destory all the
    good around me, not because I
    desire to, but because of
    my own self-loathing.

    Anger, hatred, bitterness all play
    breaking their toys and chunking
    pieces my way.

    Sick of the light they see in my life
    what will shut it out
    malice, discord, murder, strife?

    How long will my enemies pursue
    tempting, taunting, and leaving me
    Aching to sue?

    "Have I stolen your joy yet, my dear?
    For I've been working steadily
    to install in you...fear."

    He lies and confuses my mind
    Lord, come guard me and
    satan, get behind!

    You have no place here in my life
    you try to muck up discord, division, strife.

    You have no power because
    I have no fear.

    God has victory over you, my dear.

    Do you not know that His Love
    is more powerful than your fear.
    That Divine Love makes your weapon
    cower and snear?

    Goodbye Ole Fear -- I am
    Free from you for
    I prayed for salvation
    and the Lord sent me a Jew.

    A man, A Father's son
    who has the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord
    preaching the good news and restoring the poor.

    Binding up humanity's heart wounds
    because LOVE wins.
    Proclaiming freedom for the captive
    and light for the prisoners once agian.


    04 February 2006

    42nd Post

    Hello, hello bloggin' blog world, I'm back and ready to attack.
    This realm called blogging, my life as a matter of fact.

    Here it goes, just let me flow.
    My dad is going to the Super Bowl.
    Did he buy his own ticket?
    No to the MAN he likes to stick it!
    Actually, he's just cheap
    Won his way from a men's retreat
    That's the way IBC rolls
    And so my dad's goin' to the big Bowl

    Seriously though
    My dog chased a roadrunner this morning
    3x's the size was not Harley's warning
    He ran and he barked
    His chances of catching the bird were stark
    Did you know roadrunners can fly and climb trees?
    Why roadrunners then? People can't you see
    These birds got talent & can beat up Saducees