Free And Living

Free And Living

20 September 2005


"It is only as we understand the reality of God's unshakeable love for us that discipline can flourish without becoming legalism and that we can serve Him sacrificially without striving for approval" (Pete Greig, the Vision and the Vow, p33)

13 September 2005


i want to write something beautiful
but there is a voice greater than me
the bearer of this vioce is limitless
he is in all, through all and over all
which i can't seem to wrap my measley mind around
he loves to the point of shedding blood
he has formed me and made me
for his eternal glory
and for his glory i am eternally grateful
his glory is love
his message is unassuming
humility shines in his eyes
and he is my justice.

01 September 2005

Mobilize Your Hearts

How come in times of chaos we see the beauty of humanity and the depravity of humanity all at the same time? I'm overwhelmed by the effects of a natural disaster so large scale my small mind cannot fully comprehend the loss. I'm praying for the people searching for a place to call home and for family members who have been lost. God, you are love -- may you shine your face on us and give us hope. We put our trust in you -- not in posessions, not in relationships, but in the one thing that cannot be taken away from us -- your faithful and loyal love. Your glory is love and we pray for more of it.